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Snook Fishing in Southwest Florida

snook fishing in sw florida Experience the challenge of catching Florida’s most sought after gamefish. Fly fishing or spin, the snook will test an angler’s skill with their explosive strikes and gill rattling jumps.
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Redfishing in Southwest Florida

Captain Ken ChambersTangle with hard fighting redfish in the shallow bays of the 10,000 Islands. As they feed on small crabs and minnows, they become easy targets for a well placed fly or lure.
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Tarpon Fishing in Southwest Florida

tarpon fishingCome battle with the silver king. Spring migrations can bring tarpon well over 100 lbs. Baby tarpon are found year round with summer and fall being the prime time for these fish ranging 5-50 lbs.
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Fly Fishing in Southwest Florida

fly reel

Presenting flies to hard fighting snook, redfish and tarpon is the pinnacle of fly fishing the area. 7-9 weight rods are preferred for backcountry action. 11-12 weights are suitable for big tarpon.

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redfishing in southwest floridaLook inside for answers to frequently asked questions. Also, find out what you should bring on a trip and where we will meet for your fishing trip.
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fishing trip informationWelcome, to my website. I am Ken Chambers and I grew up fishing in Southwest Florida. As a full time guide and tournament angler, I probably spend as much time on a boat as I do off of it...
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My Fishing Reports

fishing reportBrowse through my latest fishing reports. Read about other anglers’ fishing tales and get recent updates of what, when and where the fish are biting.
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Redfishing in sw florida
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July 9, 2005

Fishing is a great way to spend a day with your kids. I have spent the past few weeks taking out fathers and daughters, fathers and sons, and grandparents and grandkids. On a personal note, my wife gave birth to a girl, Chelsey Anne on June 16th.  Everyone is doing well and I look forward to taking my kids out for a day of fishing. School is out and the families have been enjoying nice action in between hurricanes and tropical storms.

To say this year has had its share of severe weather would be an understatement. From a cold, windy start that seemed like it would never warm up to the ultra hot conditions that is sparking the tropical season early, we cannot catch a break in 05.

The waters are fairly dirty from the rain and winds of late. Snook fishing is the most productive right now. With all the kids on board we are using mostly live bait. Fly fishing is good around the low tides especially in the late afternoon. Otherwise the waters are just too dirty for decent action.

Redfish, jacks, tarpon, and snapper are all filling in the cracks around the snook. My best bite has been going on in the back bays. The outside islands are typically the place to be in the summer but this year is very different.

May 31st , 2005

We are finally settling into a summer pattern of light winds, warm water, and fine action. Tarpon, snook, redfish, and more are pulling on anglers’ lines. Baitfish is everywhere and the action has been real good.

Fly anglers are catching snook and redfish throwing streamers and surface flies in the morning. A solid outgoing tide is producing my best days. A handful of laid up tarpon have been spotted but few have been hooked. Most tarpon are rolling and they require a quick, accurate cast to be successful.

I threw plugs with Steve Cobb of Carolina Lunker Sauce on Thursday. He caught numerous snook and jacks using Super Spooks and Yozuri lipped lures.

Bait chuckers are doing the best. Grand slams are possible every day. We jumped 4 tarpon this morning and caught two snook that measured over 31 inches each. I have been fishing near the outside and when the tide is moving, points are fishing well. When the tide is slower then I use the wind or just troll the shorelines to create movement and allow the anglers the ability to make lots of casts to find the fish.

It really is a great time to go fishing. The heat is tough during the midday but the action is worth it to me. Looking forward to getting back on the water tomorrow. After a long season, I can’t believe that I would say that but that is how good the fishing is.

April 26th , 2005

We are still dealing with a windy spring. Fishing is better than it has been but not as good as it gets. Fortunately, those days are coming soon with May right around the corner.

 Tarpon has been a major target recently. I have been flyfishing for them and have had mixed success. Some days are blessed with calm, humid conditions and lots of shots at laid up fish. Others are blustery where you are struggling to see the fish near the bottom before we spook them out. Dave and Judy Ozuna spent a few days chasing tarpon and had success throwing black death patterns. Oz caught the big fish of the trip that measured out to be 140 lbs.

 Snook and redfish are cruising the back bays in strong numbers. The water is tea colored and when you find the stringy green grass you find the snook and reds. Black and purple flies are taking lots of fish and so are small rootbeer clouser minnows.

 The live bait is all around and the snook fishing is beginning to improve in terms of numbers. I am not catching snook at every stop but when I start to catch a few the bite is sustained for a while.

 Looking forward makes me smile because this has been a challenging spring. May is prime time and I am looking forward to it.

March 29th, 2005

It’s like Baitfish city around the 10,000 Islands. Schools of pilchards and glass minnows are washing in with every tide and the snook have moved out to greet them. Pitching live bait has produced many snook of all sizes. Jim Rinkenberger (pictured) and Ed Menefee scored today with 20 snook up to 34 inches. They added two reds and a few snapper to an excellent morning.  Soft plastic artificials like the Riptide Mullet in smoke or chartreuse have taken snook on the top of the incoming tide on the coral bars. Casting flies like a chartreuse deceiver will earn snook on the falling tides in the backcountry. Most have been small but they are hitting aggressively. Dirty water recently has made it tough to fool the fish with the fake stuff.  Soon the winds should begin to lay down and then as the waters clear, flies will catch just as many as bait. Of course, it is angler dependent. Cast into and around the structure, catch fish. Leave your bait 4 feet away from your target, catch a tan.

Tarpon are in the area and have been jumped on calm days. Lots of fish offshore being hooked with cut bait. A few laid up fish around but many are hanging in the deeper channels waiting out the inconsistent weather.

Right now, we are in the heart of season. Snowbirds are beginning to move home and the fishing is just turning on. Looking forward to catching some big fish!!!

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