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Snook Fishing in Southwest Florida

snook fishing in sw florida Experience the challenge of catching Florida’s most sought after gamefish. Fly fishing or spin, the snook will test an angler’s skill with their explosive strikes and gill rattling jumps.
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Redfishing in Southwest Florida

Captain Ken ChambersTangle with hard fighting redfish in the shallow bays of the 10,000 Islands. As they feed on small crabs and minnows, they become easy targets for a well placed fly or lure.
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Tarpon Fishing in Southwest Florida

tarpon fishingCome battle with the silver king. Spring migrations can bring tarpon well over 100 lbs. Baby tarpon are found year round with summer and fall being the prime time for these fish ranging 5-50 lbs.
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Fly Fishing in Southwest Florida

fly reel

Presenting flies to hard fighting snook, redfish and tarpon is the pinnacle of fly fishing the area. 7-9 weight rods are preferred for backcountry action. 11-12 weights are suitable for big tarpon.

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Trip and Rate Information
redfishing in southwest floridaLook inside for answers to frequently asked questions. Also, find out what you should bring on a trip and where we will meet for your fishing trip.
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Meet the Captain
fishing trip informationWelcome, to my website. I am Ken Chambers and I grew up fishing in Southwest Florida. As a full time guide and tournament angler, I probably spend as much time on a boat as I do off of it...
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My Fishing Reports

fishing reportBrowse through my latest fishing reports. Read about other anglers’ fishing tales and get recent updates of what, when and where the fish are biting.
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Redfishing in sw florida
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Tarpon FIshing in Southwest Florida
Everglades City - Naples - 10,000 Islands

Tarpon, also known as the “silver king”, is targeted throughout the 10,000 Islands and Everglades National Park. During their spring migration, large tarpon up to 175 pounds regularly make a voyage up the West Coast of Florida including through SW Florida. Resident, smaller tarpon or “baby tarpon” ranging up to 50 pounds spend their time in the quiet backwaters of the mangroves. Once hooked and fighting, these baby tarpon seem to spend more time out of the water than in. Revered for their acrobatics and power, tarpon are high on everyone’s list of angling targets.

Casting artificial lures is an exciting way to fish for tarpon. Top waters, lipped plugs, jigs, and soft plastics all come in handy when targeting tarpon. The casts need to be accurate and quick but the constant activity of working the plugs is a type of fishing that every angler enjoys.

Tarpon are suckers for natural baits. A free lined scaled sardine or thread herring rarely gets turned down if the fish are active. These baits must be frisky but their large profile and flashy scales drive the tarpon wild. Big tarpon are constantly targeted in the spring time with cut bait also. Taking advantage of a tarpon’s acute sense of smell, we position the boat in their travel routes and let them come to us. A stout circle hook ensures a good hookup without fear of having the tarpon swallow the hook too deep for removal.

Fly fishing for tarpon is an addictive sport. Anglers come from all over the world to chase these fish with a fly rod. Fly fishing for tarpon in the 10,000 Islands and Everglades National Park is an exercise in patience and accuracy. Poling through shallow bays and coves, we hunt for tarpon to be lying motionless, often called “laid up.”  These fish will be lying still and can be taken with an accurate cast that brings the fly right past their nose.
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